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As my husband and I anxiously await a court date to pick up our 3 1/2 year old son, I am trying to get as much ready for travel as possible. For those of you who adopted children around this age, what size clothing and shoes did you bring? He weighed 28 pounds in the middle of Feb. I am guessing a 3T, but have also heard to bring the next size up just in case. Any advice? What about shoe size? Alexa said I would get this information about a week before we travel, but I would love to get things going now! Thanks!

edit: Thanks to everyone for your advice! I was hoping to have received our court date this week, but no luck. I am not a good "waiter" and that makes this waiting very difficult! It feels like so long before we actually will meet him:( Thanks again!

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My daughter, TN, is 28 lbs right now and 34 5/8". She is firmly in a 2T with most clothes; some 18 month Carter's brand pants. Unless your little one is a lot taller than TN you might be safe with a 3T and be on the big side... That's just our experience so far. Oh, and just in case, TN JUST got into a size 5 toddler shoe.


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Mason just turned 3 and weighs 30lbs. He is wearing size 3T right now :)

I forgot, I think he wears a size 9.5 shoe... I'll check and edit if I'm wrong!

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When you get your social update, it will tell you shoe size (at least ours did) Tariku is 3 and is 33lbs and 40ish inches tall. We're bringing 3T and he's a size 8 shoe.
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We just brought our daughter home 3 weeks ago. Our daughter was 33 lbs and will be 4 at the end of MAy. The DR appt here said she was in the 50% for height and weight for American born children. I would bring 4T's-she is wearing 4's and 5's. Also her shoe size is 9-9.5 depending on the shoe. They do send him to you in a pair of shoes, but a lot of times they are "misfitting". I would suggest bringing identical shoes in 2 different sizes.
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Mihiret was 29 pounds when we went to get her. She was wearing a 8 in shoes. She is 3T with regards to shirts but needs a 2T for pants. When she wears 3T she shows off her booty :) Good Luck!

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Our daughter is age 2 1/2, she weights 29 pounds and is 37 inches tall. She is wearing mostly size 3T clothes, but some of the 3T pants are to big in the waste and some of the 3T shirts are two small when her belly swells up after eating. She is wearing size 8 shoes. You probably want to bring size 3T and 4T clothes that can be mixed and matched depending on his body type.
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Wubitu (age 3 at homecoming) was 24lbs and 34 inches when we traveled and 2T's were a bit on the small side. I wouldn't waste the money on 2T's like we did...she only squeezed into them for about 3 weeks home. My vote is for 3T's with adjustable waist. Also prepare for much growth when he gets home. Wubitu shot up 3 inches and gained 7 lbs in 3 months. As for shoe size Wubitu was wearing a size 6 1/2 when she came home but other kids her age were in size 8 or 9.
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I never had a shoe size for Zinabu, but we did learn he was 36 inches tall. That's exactly a yardstick. I took a yardstick to a friend's house--she had a then 4 year old and compared. I wound up buying mostly large 3T and a lot of 4T. I was okay with clothes being to big. I was not wanting things to be too small. Except for Old Navy--they always seem to run big to me, so we had a LOT of 3T clothes from them. We wound up bringing several pairs of shoes in various sizes, planning to donate whatever didn't fit. Just be prepared that your son WILL fall in love with the shoes that are too small for him and will cry when you tell him they don't fit.

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We brought cheap tennis shoes from Old Navy in various sizes, and also some Teva-style sandals from Target, which were handy because they were adjustable. We have some cute pictures of our son wearing his sandals and socks... a fashion "don't," but cute nonetheless.

I SRONGLY recommend elastic waist pants over jeans (even those with an adjustable waist). They're more forgiving and easier to slip on and off, which may be important if your son has intestinal parasites and is making frequent, urgent trips to the potty, as our son was!

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I would go with the adjustable pants. My kids literally fall out of their pants all the time (which gets a good laugh but is embarrassing especially in the sanctuary after church, plus it makes running tough)or they have to wear high waters. Do you have his height? Otherwise I would go a little long you can always roll or cuff them. Shirts don't seem to follow age except in arm length. My three year old wears a 4T shirt but occasionally we have to roll the sleeves but I prefer the shirt to keep her belly covered especially in the cold Michigan weather. I would bring a couple pairs of the same type of shoe but one size under what they say and one size above. Shoes like clothes seem to depend on the individual (ex. fat feet). Well have fun packing.
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Wodajo was 3.5 years old when we met him and was wearing 3T. It is such a fun age! I am so happy for you.

Shoes were harder. We ended up leaving the shoes we brought for him that were size 7.5 and he wore home the shoes he had in the care center. Size 6. They had pink butterflies and I treasure them.

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My 3 1/2 year old is 30 pounds and usually wears 3T. Some pants are too long though. Generally Tshirts and things with elastic waistbands can be a size up or down, and it doesn't look too bad ;) You may want to pack some safety pins just in case. He is wearing size 8 shoes. For shoes, maybe go bigger rather than smaller and you can stuff them? Congratulations!!
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I recommend capris-style pants or longish shorts. That way you can go up a size and not worry too much about the fit. My 2.5 yo daughter is about 26-28 pounds and is pretty short, ie around the 25th percentile for height. She has always worn shirts that are "age-right" but pants have been a challenge as she always seems to be between sizes when the new season starts. We buy one size up in capris, and then use them as "long pants" for a few months until they finally become just "capris". It has worked great.

You could buy 4T adjustable waist capris/long shorts and they'd still be fine even if he has not really grown into them yet.

I think also that height is going to be the main factor in determining pant size. So even thought your son is pretty small for his age based on weight, you would need to know if he is tall and skinny or if he is shorter and a bit rounder. If that makes sense.

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I would suggest bringing clothes in a size smaller and size larger and shoes in various sizes. Jared would NOT take off his horrible CHS shoes until about a week after we got home. I guess they just provided a level of comfort for him. We donated anything too small and also traded with other travellers for clothes etc. The kids also don't have issues with boy/girl stuff Jareds shoes had pink flowers on them.

Even though they may be tall enough for 3T, Jared has no butt so all the 3t just were a PAIN to keep on. He can even get into 18M but they are highwaters. He still refuses to wear anything with a fully elastic wasit band, like sweats, and prefers button up shirts.

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